We pride ourselves on being the best value in Philadelphia. Our unlimited is a (much) lower price point than studios with a similar method (some don't even offer an unlimited). Why? Because we want you to join our community 3x per week and we know you'll take classes at other studios as well.  We understand that Philadelphia is a unique growing fitness city and we want to keep our studio cost effective for ALL clients. We encourage you to do our workout 3x a week for optimal results. Our unlimited is priced so that it makes sense for most clients to choose that option if you do Sculpt on average 3x a week which is what we recommend to get the most out of your workout. We're excited to be launching member perks soon too! In the near future our unlimited will be going to a month to month commitment (ability to cancel anytime!) but our members will get early scheduling access, retail perks and opportunities to bring friends for free! 

Breakdown of $200 Unlimited: 

On average 2 classes per week - $25 per class (our monthly 8 option is more cost effective for you at $21/per class)

On average 3 classes per week - $16.67 per class

On average 4 classes per week - $12.50 per class

Catfish, Teaser, Bear??? What does that even mean?

Catfish, Teaser, Bear??? What does that even mean?

Did you know there is actually a method to our madness???

Our instructors demonstrate much more than other studios with a similar method but people have asked why we don't demonstrate on a machine the entire time.

The goal is that you take class enough that you learn the names of our moves so you can transition faster. The faster you transition - the longer you're in an exercise - the harder you work - the more you get out of your 50 minutes. 

Looking to purchase 4 or 8 monthly classes?

There's a common misconception that our classes are $30 per class. If you purchase a single class to attend our studio that is absolutely true. Even at that price point, we are still the most cost effective workout when you look at studios that offer a workout similar to ours and their prices.

If you're looking for the best value either our 4 or 8 monthly limited or our unlimited package will be the best value for you!

If you have trouble finding the 4 or 8 classes on our website it is under a different tab in Mindbody. You must purchase this package from a computer because of it's 3 month commitment.

4 classes monthly for $88 - $22/class

8 classes monthly for $168 - $21/class

Unlimited monthly for $200 - $16.67/class if you take class 3x week ---THE BEST VALUE 

How To Purchase a Gift Card

-Go to the Online Store tab

-Then click Gift Card tab in the tabs on the right hand corner that say Products Services Contracts etc

-There you'll be able to choose a custom gift card amount (choose from the drop down) or a package gift card and you'll be able to email it to the recipient when you purchase it.

To redeem you can either email a picture of the gift card to us at or redeem in studio.


Winter Storm Stella Update

Hey Sculpt Squad! 

Right now we'll be canceling the morning classes for the safety of you all and our instructors. Check here for updates as we see how much snow we actually get.

6:30 7:30 8:30 Mock 9:30 - All Cancelled Stay Tuned

Tal's Mock class is moved to Wednesday at 12:30 so anyone who is in that class has been added back into that class for Free. If you can't make it to the mock on Wednesday please make sure to cancel yourself out to open the spot for other clients!



Hey clients it is winter! Here's a friendly reminder about our policies. If you think you won't be able to make it to class then you need to cancel out of class more than 10 hours before class. Cancels within 10 hours will result in loss of class. If you cancel and then find you can make it to class you can always reschedule your reservation if we have room. If the studio is open all cancellation policies apply - we did close during winter storm Jonas last year and that was it. This is the SAME policy that every other studio has in the city. We have 10 people per class and we make 0 exceptions to any policy. Thanks for respecting our policies!




  • For every different studio you attend, you need to create a separate account before you can book classes. Click Sign Up! to create an account on our site specifically. Make sure you remember your password. The best way to remember your password is to click the Remember Me box.
  • On the MindBody Connect App, you don't need a separate account for each studio, this is where people tend to get confused. 



Welcome! Here's what you need to make your first class a first class experience

  • This workout is tough, possibly the toughest you've ever done but if you have been working out you will be awesome. You'll probably become obsessed with it (like we have). It's a workout that actually changes your body because it's so different. Some people confuse us with Pilates which we are not. Think Chuck Norris Total Gym with the intensity turned up 1000%.
  • BE EARLY! If class has started you cannot join us. We make 0 exceptions to this policy and it is for your safety. You need a rundown of the Megaformer and how to properly use it during class.